Mother's Day Boards

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Small Gathering Platter:

- 12” Round Palm Leaf Plate

- Feeds 4-6 people

- $75

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Family Platter:
- 11"x15" Wooden Tray
- Feeds 6-8 people
- $125

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Solid Oak Gift Board:
- 17” Oak Cutting Board
- Feeds 2-3 People
- $115

Bagel Board:
- 11"x15" Wooden Tray

- 6 Assorted Bagels & 1 Plain Schmear

   from The Cleveland Bagel Co.
- $55

These boards are available for pick up and delivery. We will have a limited number of delivery slots and they will be priced based on distance from our kitchen in Cleveland. 

Pickup Times:
Saturday, May 8th between 3-4 pm

Sunday, May 9th between 10-11 am

Delivery Times:

Sunday, May 9th between 10:30 am - 12 pm

Special Add-Ons:

This year, we are excited to partner with two woman-owned local businesses to offer you add-on options of a flower bouquet from Kate Rutter and a dessert tart from Ange Lupica of Wolff Maiden. There will be a limited quantity of each so make sure you order yours while they are available!

Flower Bouquet 

by Kate Rutter - $35


Rosemary + Cashew + Salted Caramel Tart 

By Ange Lupica of Wolff Maiden - $10


To place an order for a Sweet Brie Co. Mother's Day Board, please click below and fill out our order form.