Maddie and Ellen are sisters from Cleveland, Ohio who brought Sweet Brie Co. to life with the goal of making cheese and charcuterie boards that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Hailing from culinary and creative backgrounds respectively, Maddie and Ellen combined their passions and formed Sweet Brie Co. to utilize all things food as a creative outlet. 

Maddie’s passion for the culinary arts was fueled while living in Italy for two years, and Ellen discovered her creative edge in college while studying graphic design. Together, Maddie and Ellen combined their passions to bring Sweet Brie Co. to life in order to leverage the power of good food as a means of bringing people together.


Maddie and Ellen believe their boards can be enjoyed on any occasion, whether it be alone on a Friday night or as a way to connect with others at a big gathering. Their aesthetically pleasing cheese and charcuterie boards harness the one thing that brings people together: delicious food!